Vigil Volunteers

On-Call Vigil Volunteer Program

What is a Vigil Volunteer?

A Vigil Volunteer provides support, upon request, to patients and families during their loved ones final days and hours of life. These volunteers serve on an on-call basis. When there is an actively dying patient who wishes for a Vigil, the on-call volunteer is contacted and will drive to the patient within the hour. Vigil services are provided in patient homes, at all of our facilities and at our partner nursing homes.  These volunteers have completed a variety of trainings in regards to patient care and the physical and spiritual aspects of dying. Vigil Volunteers provide specialized support tailored to each individual patient and family needs.

What do Vigil Volunteers do?

Vigil Volunteers offer a variety of services and often speak, read, sing, or simply offer their company to patients as they pass. Hospice of the Chesapeake believes that, unless desired, no one should die alone. These volunteers also extend their support to family members and friends that are present at the time of death.

How do I sign up for shifts?

We created a customized online sign-up for our Vigil Volunteers. Please click here. This link will take volunteers to the webpage, in which they can select their desired volunteer shifts and days to be on-call. Volunteers must list their name, phone number and email.  Their name is the only item that will be visible to the public. The rest of their information can only be accessed by Hospice of the Chesapeake employees. There are two slots available for each day of the month: an on-call slot and a back-up slot. The back-up slot ensures a standby volunteer in the rare event that the on-call volunteer is unable to visit a patient.


Click here to watch a documentary exploring the stories and work of Hospice volunteers as told by the volunteers themselves, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and many others. It is meant to encourage the understanding of Hospice as well as uncover the unique work that these volunteers do.

For more information or questions, please contact our Vigil Volunteer Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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