Chesapeake Palliative Medicine is now Chesapeake Supportive Care

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After much thought, research and consideration, Chesapeake Palliative Medicine has rebranded the care it provides to those living with advanced, complex illness under the name of Chesapeake Supportive Care as of January 1, 2020.

While the medical specialty will remain palliative medicine, the organization is rebranding its program under the term “Supportive Care” in the hopes this term will better define for patients and families the care they provide. The change is primarily a branding change and will not in any way change the focus of the practice’s patient care team or the level of customer service for which it has built a highly esteemed reputation.

Our palliative/supportive care team encounters a tremendous amount of misconceptions and hesitation to receiving the much-needed additional support that this type of care can provide.

“We are following the lead of many national palliative care programs, including MD Anderson Cancer Center, who have changed their program names,” said Dr. Eric Bush, Chief Medical Officer for Chesapeake Supportive Care and Hospice of the Chesapeake. “Like those organizations, we hope to increase understanding and acceptance so that everyone who can benefit from palliative medicine will no longer hesitate to access it.”

New name, new brand, same great care team. As it has done for the past seven years, Chesapeake Supportive Care will continue to help patients and their families make sense of what’s happening, no matter the illness.

Chesapeake Supportive Care is a group of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who specialize in the care of people with advanced illness and are experts in managing pain and other difficult symptoms. For more information, visit


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