A Shot of Hope: The importance of the COVID-19 vaccine

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I know there is much attention and concern about the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine in our community. There is also much attention and concern about whether you should take it.

Here is what I am telling the Hospice of the Chesapeake team members, our patients, and their families: I strongly encourage you to accept the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to you.  I recognize that this is a new vaccine and a very personal decision, but I believe it is the best option we have available to us at this time.

We are working directly with all our resources at the state level as well as with local health departments to ensure our team receives the vaccine as soon as possible. The extraordinary effort to get these vaccines approved in record time backed by months of careful research should be applauded.

I talk in greater detail about the vaccine with our Community Education Manager Tammy Turner in this video posted below: “COVID Conversations with Dr. Eric Bush: 5 Things You Should Know About Vaccines.”

I was fortunate enough to have received my first dose of the vaccine on Dec. 22 at Doctors Community Hospital.  

  • Why? I made my decision to receive the vaccine after much research and review. I decided to receive the vaccine for my wife and children, for my patients and each of my team members. I decided to receive the vaccine because I believe as healthcare professionals we serve as examples to our community and it is our duty to help ease the concerns of those around us. I chose to receive the vaccine because it is the right thing to do today to stem the tide of this terrible virus.
  • How was it? Nothing more than a typical flu shot, and I felt fine following. It will take a few weeks for my body to build the immunity it needs to fight the virus and I will need a second dose to finalize the process, but it is I am doing my part and I encourage you to do yours as well. Please watch this quick video of me receiving the vaccine.

As I said in this video, I want to thank Doctors Community Hospital, Luminis Health, science and God for this “shot of hope.” We still have many months of coping with COVID-19 ahead of us, but those days are looking brighter and shorter as mass vaccination begins.




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