Family Medicine, Geriatrics

Hospice of the Chesapeake

Education: Ben Gurin University of the Negev, Postgraduate, Swedish Medical Center – Seattle Washington, University of Massachusetts – Worchester

What is your approach to patient care?
I am a family doctor with fellowship training in Geriatrics. I was drawn to family medicine because I found all aspects of medicine interesting and the entire life cycle interesting. Family medicine covers all of these parts of life. I became a geriatrician because I think older people are fascinating and have many, many stories to tell. I now work in hospice because there is so much caring and compassion in this field.

People tell me that I am passionate about my work in hospice and palliative care. I am passionate about many things but this is very meaningful work. When I meet with patients and families, I recognize that when they need hospice, they are generally facing many difficulties. These are difficulties we will all face at one point in our lives. For me this is why I became a physician, I want to help people when they need help in a complex situation. It is an honor to do this work.