National Volunteer Appreciation Week Close-Up: Administrative and Community Outreach & Support Volunteer Holly Frye-Atcherson

NEED Help?

During the gala season, Holly Frye-Atcherson is one of those volunteers who are sometimes confused with staff here at Hospice of the Chesapeake’s administrative offices. She is here that much.

When she isn’t, she can be found at one of our events – selling golf pro swings at the golf tournament, getting people to bid on silent auction items at the gala, taking pictures at our employee appreciation event – even walking the runway at Fashion for a Cause.

Since she started by helping her friend Darlene Monaco and the other hard-working Gala Committee volunteers with the silent auction table at the 2013 gala, she has conservatively given us 800 hours of volunteer time, each with a smile. Not only is Frye-Atcherson one of our most dedicated, results-driven volunteers – she is perhaps the happiest.

“I enjoy working with everybody here. I have met some of the nicest people and I love that they are all giving people who want to give back,” Frye-Atcherson said.

Philanthropy Events Coordinator Megan Lawton said she is instrumental in the success of the gala’s silent auction. She’s dogged in her pursuit of donations and has coached a team of volunteers to talk up the items to gala guests. The results are hers and our reward: The gala’s 2018 silent auction raised $39,725, more than $10,000 over what was raised in 2017, which was nearly $7,000 more than in 2016.

“Once she knows what needs to be done, she does it – cheerfully, skillfully and without hesitation.”

“We like that math, and it is in no small part due to Holly,” Director of Advancement and Volunteer Services Chris Wilson said. “Her creativity and tenacity have been instrumental in the development of several key components for our signature events.”

It is driven by a strong sense of purpose. “I know hospice is good and doing good things,” Frye-Atcherson said. “And I’ll need it one day, as we all will. I want to be sure that is sustained. Anything I can do to make the fundraising part or any other part of it better or easier, I’m here to help.”

Chief Advancement Officer Shauna Chabot said having a dedicated volunteer who understands the importance of our mission is a gift to the organization in and of itself. “Once she knows what needs to be done, she does it – cheerfully, skillfully and without hesitation.”

Frye-Atcherson takes the praise in stride, giving credit to our organization and the committees she serves as not being bogged down by unnecessary red tape. “I get to say, ‘this is what has to get done, and I’m going to get it done,’ I am a person who wants to see it happen.”

It helps that she enjoys the work. “It warms my heart. I’m just the kind of person who wants to do good.”

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