Chesapeake Life Center goes online with two May workshops

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Two workshops originally planned to take place in May on Chesapeake Life Center’s Pasadena campus will be offered online via a telehealth platform.

The first workshop, “Mindfulness,” is part of its “Integrative Healing Series.” These workshops explore the many ways integrative arts can support those who are caring for loved ones struggling with illness or grieving the loss of someone dear. This session will be held via telehealth from 10 a.m. to noon May 6 and will teach participants how to find ways to relax, retreat and replenish body, mind, and spirit. The cost of the workshop is $10.

The second workshop is part of the center’s “Living with Loss” series: “Changing Identity and Coping with Parent Loss.” With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day dotting the spring calendar, those experiencing parental loss are faced with often painful reminders of what is lost and a search for what remains. When a parent dies, there are often layers of loss – the loss of a home, loss of connection with the past, loss of being “known”, or the loss of the expectation that someday the relationship might have changed. Sometimes the “natural order of things” does not bring comfort. Whether you are grieving the loss of a parent or someone who was like a parent, wherever you are in your grief process, whatever the relationship, you are welcome. This session will be held via telehealth from 6 to 8 p.m. May 26. Should stay at home restrictions be lifted by May 10, there is a possibility the event will occur in-person at our Pasadena location. The cost of the workshop is $10.

The center’s services are perhaps needed now more than ever in its history, as individuals and the community grapple with grief in physical isolation due to the COVID-19 health emergency. In response, the center has moved as many of its group and individual bereavement counseling as is feasible via telehealth. The team’s counselors have all received training in telehealth to be sure that their services meet best practice standards.

Registration is required for all groups and can be completed by calling 888-501-7077 or emailing For details on telehealth bereavement services, visit

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